Hi Everyone!  

My names Danielle! I have 3 gorgeous children Albie 6, Harrison 3 and Millie 16 months! We live in Essex (near Lakeside shopping centre if you know where it is!) 

I have always wanted to be a mummy and had my first little boy at 19! Me and my partner Guy met at college when we was 16 and we got together a year later, we then went on to start our family and we have come soo far since, buying our first family home at just 20 was a big high for us and that was when we went on to have Harrison (he definatley has second child syndrome the little devil 😂) we then bought and refurbed a flat to sell which led us on to buying our next house we live in now (although its definatley not our forever home 🙈 we will hopefully get there soon!) and again, as they say ‘new house new baby’ along came Millie, our little princess as we all call her! For now I think our family is complete as a family of 5 but never say never right! 😉

I always loved dressing the boys in traditional and Spanish clothing when they were little but now as they have got older they have got there own style and won’t let me dress them anymore! 🙈 When I was pregnant with Millie we didn’t find out the gender so when she was born and we found out she was a girl I was traipsing the internet to find the cutest outfits to put her in and again i was drawn straight to traditional and Spanish outfits, it’s all I’ve ever dressed her in and it’s honestly all I ever will (until she tells me otherwise 😂) my favourite accessories are knee high socks and a big bow, you will never see Millie without either of these! 🙈

My favourite brand stocked on Closet Of Dreams is Aurora Royal! There clothes are absolutely to die for! The smocking is out of this world 😍 I literally want every item of clothing from the range! 

My absolute favourite styles on the website at the moment are...

Ribbons @ Bow 

Mademoiselle (in blue)




I could list so much more as all the stock is AMAZING 😍

If you are purchasing anything today don’t forget to use our code MILLIE10 for discount!

If you got this far thank you for reading! As you can probably tell I am a chatterbox! 🙈 If you ever fancy a chat or have any questions about outfits give us a follow/message on our page on Instagram @_millierose_x 


Danielle ❤️