Hey everyone!

My name is Jade and I am the mummy to Ronnie and also his big sister Ivy. We come from a small town in West Yorkshire, called Halifax (no we don’t live in a bank haha).

Ronnie has just turned one and is a very happy confident little boy. He is always smiling and his cheeky little face will just brighten up your day!

Me and his daddy got engaged in the New Year and are planning our wedding , as well as doing our house up and both working full time! We don’t do things by half! I’m also a fully qualified beauty therapist and run my own business from home.

I love dressing Ronnie up in traditional style clothing, he just looks too cute. I would love to keep him a baby forever! So as you can imagine I was over the moon when I was introduced to Levi’s amazing shop! We have almost everything she does!

Some of our favourite items are -
Daffy, Nicolas, Harry and the Pom Pom cardigans! That’s only to name a few, everything on the website is beautiful!

Make sure to use code RONNIE10 for discount on your order today!

Hope you all love the clothes as much as me and Ronnie do!!

Lots of love x

Instagram @jadey_james